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...Let me tell you a story

giA.PloU is a band from Greece, a small island of Cyclades called Syros since 1996. We started before 6 years as friends, some of us broke the friendship and left the band, but we continue our journey in music halls of our mind.

In 1996 the band was Alekos, Babis, Chris, Aggelos and Greco. Two years later Chris was away from our ideas. After a party we had in Tinos island where we drunk and played a lot we ended up a 5 guys band (Minas on guitars, Babis on Bass guitar, Alekos and Antony on vocals and Greco on drums).(?)

  Influences? What Influences?

The only strange in this band is that the influences we have are different from each other. The only thing we have the same is that we all love music which touch rock music.

Who are we?

As the years went by Babis and Antony left for personal reasons so we end up Minas on guitars and backup Vocals, Alekos on Vocals, Greco on Drums and Lakis on guitars. Many times when we had live concerts some friends helped us in the place of the bass player, so we have a session bass player now. We recorded our first songs in a 4 track audio recorder which wasn't a good idea, so in February 2001 we went to a studio in Athens called Studio Live and recorded our first demo a 12 tracks CD which includes 4 covers from bands Stress, Genia Tou Haous, Haotiki Diastasi (Greek Punk Bands) and Policia cover from Ratos De Porao.

The more things change, the more they stay the same

We look forward and try to make people hear music with open mind and not judge music with their human complex ...

We keep Goin...See U